Q:  What if we miss the complementary shuttle from the Barcelona Airport?
A:  We will only be providing the one complimentary shuttle from the Barcelona airport and the shuttle driver will not wait for delayed flights. If you arrive after the departure of the shuttle, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own transportation to the resort. Options include: Taxi, Train, Car Rental (all major car rental companies are located on site). Maria and LaBriece will be available by cell phone messaging for assistance. We will help as best we can! We highly recommend to book your flights with a buffer time for arrival.

Q:  Will there be food at the hotel available between meals?
A:  The hotel has both and indoor and outdoor bar that sells small sandwiches and croissants, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is also a local Spanish supermarket as well as a Lidl grocery store, both within a short walk from the hotel where you can purchase snacks and drinks for your room.

Q:  Is it required to attend all the Pilates classes?
A:  It is not a requirement to attend all the Pilates classes, but LaBriece and Maria will be building upon the classes each day and it is to your great advantage to attend as many as possible and get the very most out of your movement experience!

Q:  Will there be alone-time built into the retreat or mostly group time?
A:  The retreat is designed to have a variety of experiences, both as a group, as a couple, with old friends or newly made friends or alone. Breakfast will be a time for getting to know other members of the group and will be enjoyed all together at a large-family style table for our group. Two lovely group dinners as well as a picnic lunch during the boat trip excursion will be other times to interact with the group, as well as the Mat Classes. There will be plenty of opportunities for down-time, quiet time, spa time, beach time, or runs, walks, bike rides along the coastal path accesses directly in front of the hotel, shopping in the nearby boutiques, or enjoying an ocean view meal in the neighboring villages.

Q:  If we would like to have a private session with Maria or LaBriece, will that be possible?
A:  Yes, it is possible to schedule a Pilates private session with Maria or LaBriece. This time has been factored into the daily schedule and should be booked in advance to secure a spot, as there are not many. There is an additional cost for private sessions of EUR 150/hour for either Master Teacher. This is not the same as the complementary consult that is included in your Retreat Package. The consults are 30 minutes with Maria and 30 minutes with LaBriece. This is not a workout per se but more of how to get the most out of your Pilates or if you have any particular Pilates specific questions or needs you would like addressed.

Q:  What if we would like to come with our family to the retreat? Are children allowed?
A:  The retreat is located at a very family-friendly resort hotel that is safe for children. Both adults would need to pay for and be involved in the retreat itself. There is an additional cost for children as they will be included in the meals and excursion. There is also a family suite that would need to be booked for families, and there is a very limited amount. We will provide retreat pricing for families on an as-needed basis. Children ages 12 and under. Maximum 3 children per family. Some childcare options can be arranged so that both adults can attend most Pilates classes. Please email the retreat manager for more information.

Q:  What if we have to check out early to catch our return flight or if we have to leave a day early? Can we get a discount?
A:  There are no price adjustments provided for early departures. Participants are encouraged to stay for the full time of the retreat to receive all the benefits. There will be Pilates classes offered through the morning of departure, as well as a farewell breakfast. There will be only one complementary shuttle on departure day and outside of that participants must arrange and pay for their own transportation to the Barcelona airport.

Q:  If we have dietary restrictions, can we still eat at the group meals?
A:  Yes, dietary restrictions, as in Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, no Eggs, Diabetic, etc., can be accommodated for the group meals. Breakfast is a buffet style so one can choose what they want. Non-milk options are available for your coffee beverages. For the dinners we do ask that you inform us at least three weeks prior to arrival so that we can inform the hotel restaurant of the particular dietary needs of our participants.